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I know there is already an alumni newsletter for the University of Dayton. But it’s purpose seems to be to keep alumni paying and paying. Nothing wrong with that, all schools do it. But it seems to me that the stories in the newsletter don’t fit my recollections. I guess I don’t fit the image that the University wants to present.
Well, that’s not surprising. The University is Catholic and I’m an Atheist. But that probably doesn’t explain as much as you might think. More likely, it’s the generation I represent. I’m from the group that took over the administration building, that talked about a sexual revolution, protested against a war, demanded changes in the university, and demanded power for the people. Was it a lot of smoke or did we mean anything to the University. Are our stories so irrelevant that they are lost to winds? Perhaps. But I’m hoping that while they might be worthless to U.D., they have some value for those of us who were proud Flyers at the time.
So that’s why I’m writing down these stories, the stories of a young man who was at the University of Dayton from 1969 to 1973. I will only give first names of people. If you recognize yourself and you want me to change the name, I will. If you would rather I give your full name, let me know that also. It’s not my attempt to embarrass or hurt anyone and I will do whatever it takes to prevent that. But I want these stories to be truthful. Any opinions are mine alone. If something is fiction I’ll make it clear.

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