The Day We Threw A Beer Party

During my senior year, we asked the students what they wanted from Student Government. The answer was “beer”. Well, at least we didn’t spent too much money on the survey. So I organized the party, got the city to let us take over a block (I think it was on Lowes), got 10 kegs of Old Milwaukee on consignment (I think we only used half of them), and had a reasonably good time. I didn’t organize anything else for the party like music but eventually one of the student houses pulled their stereo speakers out to the porch and let it blast – something they were probably wanting to do all year.
But my recollections of this party are kind of sad. We wanted to do things in Student Government that would improve the experience of U.D. students. And the best we could do was a beer blast? But there were probably 1000 students in the class of 1973 and I wonder if 10 could name anything that Student Government did.

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